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My Home Theater - nolesrule.net

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My Home Theater

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What is a Home Theater?

According to Wikipedia, home theater seeks to reproduce cinema quality video and audio in the home. The video aspect usually involves a large-screen and/or high definition television or a projection system with movie screen to project the image on.

In reality, a home theater can be anything from a DVD player hooked up to a TV (of any size) to a high-end projection system playing new high definition movie discs.

I have, by my standards, a mid-sized DVD collection. Most people might actually consider it large, but you haven't seen some collections. Here is my list of DVDs.

Equipment List

Mitsubishi WS-55313 55" Widescreen RPTV

DVD Player:
Pioneer DV-578A progressive scan

Pioneer VSX-D608 5.1ch

CD Player:
Logitech Squeezebox 3

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD

Logitech Harmony 659

Fronts: JBL HLS610
Surrounds: JBL HLS410
Subwoofer: Sony SA-WM40


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